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Crystals - The Crystal Vault
Crystals - The Crystal Vault

Quantum quattro 925 sterling silver pendant


The Crystal Vault

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Quantum Quattro is from Namibia the only source for this combination stone. It is a combination of Shattukite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Smoky Quartz and Malachite. Quantum Quattro is an excellent immune system builder that is able to work within the DNA structure and cellular level to re-polarize and magnetically open the gateways to Gods healing light. It is associated with the sacral and throat chakras however it is helpful to remove blockages from all of the chakras. It is useful in meditation and prayer. It helps to heal any past trauma or grief within one's energy field. Being a combination stone is carries the properties of each stone along with its own. It is a powerful high vibrational stone. 
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