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Rose quartz sphere crystal ball


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Rose Quartz Sphere the "Eternal Love Stone"

Rose Quartz is a stone of the heart. It is a sweet soft pink stone that provides unconditional love to those that may have never received it as a child. It is a stone of the heart chakra bringing down divine loving energy and filling the entire aura with a deep sense of contentment. It has a strong feminine energy of compassion and peace helping to dissolve emotional wounds and fear. It can assist in attracting a new love and brings support to those in large groups. It is a mothering crystal and may promote healing to those that have not received a mothers touch or love during childhood. It can help to dissolve one's sorrows and provide emotional support to those going through emotional upheaval. It is calming and reassuring and can help those suffering from nightmares. It provides reassurance to children that fear the dark. It helps to balance the yin yang energies. Meditation with Rose Quartz can help to release emotional patterns from the past that hold one back from moving forward into one's future. 

It is a Silicon Dioxide crystal and is one of the most common varieties of the quartz family. It is a popular stone among women. 

Rose Quartz corresponds with the star sign Scorpio. 

Rose Quartz honours the Greek goddess Aphrodite. the goddess of love and beauty.

There are a few legends that surround Rose Quartz and its energies of love. In the Greek legend, Adonis, Aphrodite's lover was attacked by Ares while he was in the shape of a wild boar. Aphrodite feared for her lover and ran to him and in that moment caught herself upon a briar bush. Her blood mixed with Adonis and together it stained white quartz pink. Zeus felt sorry for them and brought Adonis back once a year, thus helping Rose Quartz become a symbol of love renewed.

Some legends say that Rose Quartz has been a token of love as early as 600BC.

Rose Quartz is widely available and comes in all sorts of shapes such as Rose Quartz Spheres or Crystal Balls as some like to call them. Polished Rose Quartz jewellery, rough specimens, tumbled stones and polished crystal carvings just to name a few. 

Place this Rose Quartz Sphere in a location where you want to draw love all around you.

The size of this beautiful Rose Quartz Sphere Crystal Ball is 5.5cms in Diameter and would be a stunning addition to anyone's crystal collection. 

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