This signature blend has been created to awaken body, mind, and soul. It alerts our spirit guidance, uplifts our soul and emotions, and creates beautiful clarity. Lucidity energises the subconscious connections and helps to clear mentally blocked pathways.
100% Pure Essential Oils of grapefruit  - bergamot  - basil  - lemon cold pressed  
Essential Vibrations of  clear quartz - heliotrope - amethyst black - emerald
Benefits: cheerfulness - clarity - confidence - integrity - joy - spontaneity -  strength - success - trust
Oil Burner: Add 6 drops to your oil burner
Bath: Add 7 drops to your bath water
Massage: Add 10 drops to 50ml of vegetable oil
Diffuser: Add 5 drops to your diffuser
This product is a vegan friendly-animal cruelty free accredited product