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Rose aura quartz crystal tumbled


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Rose Aura is a high vibrational crystal that is created by permanently bonding platinum and other high quality trace metals onto pure Arkansas Quartz via a high vacuum chamber. It is a stone for the heart chakra assisting with emotional issues and helping one to self love. It supports one emotionally and helps one to forgive. It raises one's vibrational energy so that you can see from a higher perspective. It connects the star chakra and heart chakra opening and stimulating them. It helps one to live one's soul purpose. It is a master healer, stimulating the immune system. It uplifts one's mood bringing peace and serenity. It helps one to make contact with the angelic realm. Heals auric holes removing cords, psychic contracts and astral parasites. Rose Aura Quartz protects against radiation and generates electromagnetism and dispels static electricity.

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